Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wilmington Java World

Drove to Wilmington today for audition number 8! We ended up making good time, about an hour early, so we stopped for some coffee at Java World. There were three horses tied up near the trash bins; a sight you don't normally see in North Carolina. Along with the snow, this has been a pretty abnormal week for us Southerners. There was no buggy, so we knew it wasn't the Amish. Strange. When we entered the coffee shop there were three police officers with riding boots on...hmmm...for the record, mounted police like coffee and cakes NOT donuts. Just in case you were wondering. At the audition, I just talked to the camera telling a story about myself. Hey, I can talk! I'll find out about this one on Monday or Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed! More to come...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowed In!!

It's not very often in North Carolina that you get snowed in BUT that's exactly what happened this year! Not only did it put a damper on our after Christmas day shopping, it held me up from an audition that was scheduled for Monday. We made the most of the winter wonderland and built an enormous snowman! We braved the icy roads to make it to the audition today AND found out I've got an audition in Wilmington on Thursday. It's been an exciting week!!!