Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Kind Of Research

Sitcom observation, movie review, t.v. drama perusal, and my personal favorite; people watching. This is considered field work and should only be attempted by experienced individuals. If someone you are observing catches you watching them, you have three exit strategies. One: the blink. Two: the inconspicuous stare. Three: the flirt. One is the most advanced and the trickiest to master. Once caught, you have to blink and hold it. While your eyes are still closed change the direction you are looking before opening your eyes. To the untrained observer, this is a seamless action. Two is tricky but easy to carry off. Once your target sees you, just do a blank stare, like to you are trying to focus on a 3D painting. (They may think you are slow, but you are in the clear either way.) Three is the easiest out but it is a bold move. When your target locks eyes with you, just go with it. Smile and wave, maybe blow a kiss..they'll think you're flirting with them. 

I really LOVE my job!