Friday, January 14, 2011

Add "Neighbor" to my acting resume

Add "neighbor" to my acting resume. We filmed on Thursday in Charlotte for the pilot episode of Homeland a new drama for the Showtime network. Getting up at 4:30 am has it's perks, no traffic on the roads. I got to the set around 5:40 am to fill out my extra voucher and set out my wardrobe choices for the costumer. Listen, this girl came prepared with my ENTIRE suitcase full of scarves, gloves, pants, suits, sweaters and coats. They said bring choices! Plus, I wasn't sure if I was playing a reporter, photographer, or a neighbor. (I'm just making excuses, I would've packed as much regardless.)

There was still snow on the ground and it was COLD for an outdoor shoot. But it was so much fun to be a part of the action. When you are watching your favorite show, you don't realize how much goes into just the first five minutes or a simple crowd scene. It's filmed from several different angles, each time focusing on some different aspect of the scene. Gives you a whole new appreciation. Anyway, I was so excited to be a part of that scene and will hopefully be called back again. Great way to earn a paycheck!

What a fun filled day! Talk about your extremes! Went from filming in Charlotte yesterday morning to the Dean Dome in Chapel yesterday evening...sports and entertainment all rolled into a perfect day!! Thanks for winning Tar Heels!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roll with the Punches

If you want it to snow in Durham, the trick is for me to have an audition that day or the next. It seems to be a recurring theme, but this Southerner has Northern roots and knows how to handle the ice and snow. Drove to an audition on Saturday and although it wasn't snowing hard here in Durham, by the time we got to Greensboro it looked like white Dip-N-Dots falling from the sky. As a side note, don't try to eat them from a moving car. They hurt your face and don't taste anything like ice cream.

Isn't it funny that no matter how hard to prepare for an audition, they will throw something at you that has NOTHING to do with the script or the role. A few posts back, I mentioned I was trying to perfect my German accent for a role, vell zat vas perfect....BUT I didn't get a chance to showcase that much at the audition. Instead I did a scene as a mute girl...that's hindsight I should have performed that scene much better! In their defense, it makes sense for the character to be able to communicate without words since she doesn't understand English. Totally understand where they were going with that. The point is, no matter how well you are prepared for an audition, you have to be able to roll with the punches and be spontaneous. Just go with it! (and for those of you who have been asking, I'm still NOT taking my clothes off for a role!) :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Theater Etiquette

We saw "The Lion King" on Sunday afternoon and were blown away by the costumes, music and life-sized puppets. The opening sequence of the sun rising over the pride lands brought tears to my eyes. As good as the production was, the experience was not completely enjoyable. Let me tell you a little bit about Theater Etiquette so you are not embarrassed the next time you attend a show. (For the woman sitting next to me, this is for you.) I did not pay money to hear YOU sing. (Badly) Those on the stage have spent days and weeks rehearsing only to have you ruin their numbers. If you think you are really that good, then by all means AUDITION. It is tempting to hum along to "Hakuna Matata", it's a great song. BUT you are not on stage and that's what the soundtrack is for. Same goes for the dialogue, you may know every line in the script but you are just not that funny sitting in your seat. Besides you don't really know the lines if you say them AFTER the actor. And about your iphone...just because you turn it to the side to check your email, I can still see the blue glow bouncing off your lights up the ENTIRE row. Turn it off, put it at the bottom of your purse and leave it there. You are not that important that you need to check it every 10 minutes. And just because you think are using your "inside whispering voice" doesn't mean you can talk about every line with your date. We can hear you!!!  Let's keep going to the theater fun! Be considerate...