Monday, January 10, 2011

Theater Etiquette

We saw "The Lion King" on Sunday afternoon and were blown away by the costumes, music and life-sized puppets. The opening sequence of the sun rising over the pride lands brought tears to my eyes. As good as the production was, the experience was not completely enjoyable. Let me tell you a little bit about Theater Etiquette so you are not embarrassed the next time you attend a show. (For the woman sitting next to me, this is for you.) I did not pay money to hear YOU sing. (Badly) Those on the stage have spent days and weeks rehearsing only to have you ruin their numbers. If you think you are really that good, then by all means AUDITION. It is tempting to hum along to "Hakuna Matata", it's a great song. BUT you are not on stage and that's what the soundtrack is for. Same goes for the dialogue, you may know every line in the script but you are just not that funny sitting in your seat. Besides you don't really know the lines if you say them AFTER the actor. And about your iphone...just because you turn it to the side to check your email, I can still see the blue glow bouncing off your lights up the ENTIRE row. Turn it off, put it at the bottom of your purse and leave it there. You are not that important that you need to check it every 10 minutes. And just because you think are using your "inside whispering voice" doesn't mean you can talk about every line with your date. We can hear you!!!  Let's keep going to the theater fun! Be considerate...

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  1. I'll not mention names, but there was a play when I wanted to possibly kill my friend to the left of me for saying each line of the play in advance of the line spoken (which I knew, too, but exercised restraint for the enjoyment of those around me). Also wanted to kill the guy to the right of me who sang all the songs along with my friend to the left of me. Totally messed up the enjoyment score.... So, yes Tracey, I agree!