Thursday, July 28, 2011

$H!* My Mom Says

Real conversation with a North Carolina Symphony caller.

Young Man: Hello. We are calling to raise money for the North Carolina Symphony.
My mom: I'm sorry, I've already blown my wad.
Young Man: long silence...ooohh..Um...thank you, then.

MOM! NO! You DON'T know what that means! She could not understand why we were all laughing ourselves to tears. You should have seen her face when I told her what that meant. We only hope this call was recorded for quality control.

My Mom...priceless! Our apologies to the NC Symphony.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sounds of Torture

I've been researching torture scenes for some upcoming auditions and roles. There has been a lot of self discovery along the way. I've learned that I cannot watch back to back torture scenes without starting to feel quesey AND I should not eat lunch while I am doing said research. I've also noticed that I start to tense up and CLOSE MY EYES...which forces me to watch the scene over again. Ugh.

My research has included the following scenes today:
    * Reservoir Dogs - even creepier because it's set to a musical ditty
    *Shoot Em Up - Paul Giamatti...enough said
    *Marathon Man - I hate the dentist even more now
    *The Jackel - hate to admit it, but this one kind of made me laugh...Jack Black
      screams like a girl
    * Hostel - the ENTIRE movie is a torture scene
    * Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) - by far hardest scene to watch terrible movie

And that's all I could handle for today. What's your favorite torture scene?