Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sounds of Torture

I've been researching torture scenes for some upcoming auditions and roles. There has been a lot of self discovery along the way. I've learned that I cannot watch back to back torture scenes without starting to feel quesey AND I should not eat lunch while I am doing said research. I've also noticed that I start to tense up and CLOSE MY EYES...which forces me to watch the scene over again. Ugh.

My research has included the following scenes today:
    * Reservoir Dogs - even creepier because it's set to a musical ditty
    *Shoot Em Up - Paul Giamatti...enough said
    *Marathon Man - I hate the dentist even more now
    *The Jackel - hate to admit it, but this one kind of made me laugh...Jack Black
      screams like a girl
    * Hostel - the ENTIRE movie is a torture scene
    * Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) - by far hardest scene to watch terrible movie

And that's all I could handle for today. What's your favorite torture scene?

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