Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Girl's Survival Guide to Working with Guys

Some tips I've picked up along the way. For some reason, I find myself the only female in most of the group work I do. You never know, these may come in handy for you if you find yourself the lone female in a group of guys.

1) Get used to the line, "You're really funny...for a girl."
2) Prepare to be talked over. You have to talk loud if you want to be heard and you may have to repeat yourself. Prepare to be talked over. You have to talk loud if you want to be heard and you may have to repeat yourself.
3) Do NOT be over emotional about anything. They will blame this on your "Lady time". If it is your "lady time", DO NOT CRY! 
4) Practice saying four letter words. Out loud. In front of your mirror. You don't want them to come out as a whisper when you're in front of the group. Ladies, I'm not talking about CRAP and GOSH. You know the words I'm talking about.You don't have to cuss like a sailor, but it's good if you can say them without blushing.
5) Courtesy laugh. They will know you are being sarcastic, but, hey, they won't care. Reserve your real laughter for the really funny stuff.
6) Learn to hold your breath. You will smell things that you cannot understand. 
7) It's ok for you to smell good. Believe me, they appreciate it even if they don't say anything.
8) Get comfortable with penis jokes. No matter the age of the's going to happen.
9) Stand your ground. They are going to test your limits and boundaries but don't take anything personally. If they tease you, you're in. You are one of them! Listen to how they talk to each other. It's a sign of affection.
10) Laugh at yourself! When you can laugh at yourself, it gives you the right to make fun of everyone else! Trust me. It's worth it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Birth Control

One day after I post, "I'm Pregnant", I land a humorous birth control commercial! Coincidence, I ask you??? Yeah, probably. While I would like to say I'm sorry for all of the heart attacks I caused, mom, of course I would TELL you before I plaster that kind of news all over the internet, I can't apologize. I just had WAY too much fun. That will teach you to read a blog and not just the title. No, I'm not REALLY pregnant this time AND have probably jinxed myself for all time. That's ok. You probably shouldn't even trust me if I have a kid on my hip or in tow....they are most likely on loan from a prop department somewhere.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Pregnant!

Look at that cute little belly! That's three months along. Well, at least for my character, Sherri in "Endings". Did I have you going for a minute? I know, I know, I've been told I would have pregnant looking legs and a pregnant looking butt and my FACE would be fatter! Ok, all you haters. I thought it was pretty good and had a blast on this set. It was so good, I left the belly on and went to the store. People are really nice to pregnant woman! (They do stare a lot! Whew, you have to get used to that, don't you?) I was tempted to stop by one of the bars on my way home and order a Manhattan. You know, just hangin' out sittin' at the bar. What? I need to blow off some steam! I chickened out. I'll have to get some reinforcements for that one.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Can Run in Heels

I'm all of 5' 2" and have been wearing heels as long as I can remember. If you ask my mom, I learned how to walk in heels. I used to pride myself on the fact that I could run in heels. (You never know when this skill may come in handy. There are some real creepers out there lurking in dark parking decks.) Well, since there is nothing better in life than walking around looking cute, I had on the exact pair of Charlotte Ronson heels on this morning as shown above. Except in taupe. They really do go with everything. Minding my own business, after leaving the post office, I caught the heel of said shoe on the side of the sidewalk. Instead of gracefully stepping down QUIETLY, I let out a loud Monica Seles backhand scream and crumpled to the ground. It was crowed on the street because it was lunchtime. I think 10 whole people saw me fall. I will NEVER brag about  running in heels again I guess it's payback for laughing at the model falling on the runway so many times. AND since I didn't catch my tumble on video, let's all join in and laugh at this video together because it never gets old.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wine Dungeon Still Life

How far we've come from a fruit bowl and lemons! A very talented friend of mine,Cedric Stewart, drew this based on the official FOODIE trailer. Now, this OBVIOUSLY, is based VERY loosely on my character in the film since I was only in the trailer for about 5 seconds. Regardless, I am thrilled that he took the time to draw this. Have any of you seen "Mickey Blue Eyes" with Hugh Grant? This reminds me of Jeanne Tripplehorn. (Not the outfit, just the face!) Don't you think?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Scene Stealer

A conversation is not a hard thing. Person One talks while Person Two listens. Then Person Two talks while Person One listens. Both people are talking and reacting. Simple, right? Well, for normal people. And, I assume that most of you reading this are normal people. Actors, more specifically EXTRAS, are NOT normal people. On a shoot last week, I was in a scene with the man in the picture above. We were right behind the main actors in the commercial and could be seen very well. We are having a real conversation before the cameras were rolling. THEN, when the director yelled, "ACTION", he literally turned into a dummy. He was flailing his arms around and just moving his mouth up and down, ya-ya-ya, not pausing for any reaction, just a wild lunatic. He didn't even look at me. On the second take, the director came over to our table. I knew right away what he was going to say. "Whoa. You are certainly animated. Can you not wave your arms around so much, you are right behind the lead actor and it's a bit distracting." I think everything is taken care of and the next take will be much better. Third take, forth take...the EXACT same thing. The whole time I'm just acting like I'm having a conversation with him. All I can do is laugh. Before the sixth take, I see the director slowly shift the camera over, cutting him out of the frame. Luckily, I was on the other side of the table. So, I say, thank you, sir! More screen time for me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Could Tell You...But Then I'd Have to Kill You

I am TERRIBLE with secrets! Believe me, I can keep them. But it's hard. AND it takes work. So, the last project I worked on is KILLING me. It's top secret. We're not allowed to talk about it. We can't post photos from behind the scenes. We can't say who it was for or ANYTHING about it. Whew! So, please don't ask. My lips are sealed!