Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Can Run in Heels

I'm all of 5' 2" and have been wearing heels as long as I can remember. If you ask my mom, I learned how to walk in heels. I used to pride myself on the fact that I could run in heels. (You never know when this skill may come in handy. There are some real creepers out there lurking in dark parking decks.) Well, since there is nothing better in life than walking around looking cute, I had on the exact pair of Charlotte Ronson heels on this morning as shown above. Except in taupe. They really do go with everything. Minding my own business, after leaving the post office, I caught the heel of said shoe on the side of the sidewalk. Instead of gracefully stepping down QUIETLY, I let out a loud Monica Seles backhand scream and crumpled to the ground. It was crowed on the street because it was lunchtime. I think 10 whole people saw me fall. I will NEVER brag about  running in heels again I guess it's payback for laughing at the model falling on the runway so many times. AND since I didn't catch my tumble on video, let's all join in and laugh at this video together because it never gets old.

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