Monday, March 21, 2011

Faking It...When Harry Met Sally moment

Imagine sitting in a room with 10 other people. All of us facing forward. Everyone fully clothed and you're instructed to fake an orgasm. Not to mention the fact that you are acutely aware of the other people in the room, the lights are on, so they can clearly see your face. Believe me, you have never felt so exposed in your life. And when all eyes in the room are on you, you can't help but blush. No, I wasn't at some couples retreat. This wasn't some type of therapy. It was an acting class and we were working on the leading moments before a scene. I am in awe and amazement at how easy Meg Ryan makes this all look. That's what it's all about...acting. Making it all look real without actually having to recreate the exact scenario, whatever that may be. 


  1. My husband and I still love that scene! And how you felt is why you're the actor and I'm not. Wish I could have seen that class.

  2. It was something, I'll give you that! :)