Saturday, May 21, 2011

Determination 101

You are too short. Sorry, you're a little too plain. Ummm, you are too pretty for this. Actually, we want someone with LIGHT red hair. We're looking for a blond. Brunette. Bald. Pixie cut. You're HOW old? Too old. Too young. We need someone with green eyes. Brown. Hazel. Purple. Too pale. Not pale enough. Much too Caucasian. Wrong gender. Chest is too big. Chest is too small. Too many freckles. Butt too flat. Not athletic enough. Too athletic. You really cannot dance. You dance too well. Not perky enough. Too perky. AGH!!! Hmmm...for some parts I'm just right and I'll keep going until I'm the PERFECT fit!!


  1. "'re too tall." "i can be shorter!"

    (favorite quote)

    i know i'm not the one casting, but you're perfect in my book!