Friday, August 26, 2011

My Plumbing is Fine!

These are two of the commercials we recorded for One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Beside the fact it is painfully obvious I need a team of hair and make-up specialists with me on all future shoots, the commercials are pretty good! We recorded 11 of these in ONE day. BUT because we don't have cable, these are the only two I've seen! What do you think?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning


  1. First, I'm SO happy for you. You look great.
    Second, YOU DON'T HAVE CABLE? I'd think you could write off your cable bill as a business expense!! :)
    Third, I kind of wish I lived in NC, so I could see you in person. Commercials on youtube will have to do for now.

  2. Awww! Thanks! haha...cable would just be a distraction, although I could always call it research! Wish you lived in NC would be fabulous to see you again!

  3. Well, everything went fine. Your videos are just like the infomercials I see on TV. I wish I can see you in other commercials. Have you appeared in any home shopping channel?

    Bibi Karpel

  4. Hi Bibi! Once I get copies of the other commercials, I'll post those too! No home shopping network yet...but hopefully some day! Be well.