Thursday, February 9, 2012

Questionable Judgement

It's no secret that actors do questionable things, especially in college. But my friend, Marjorie and I REALLY had a lapse in judgement today. We were working on lines for an upcoming show and decided it would be best over lunch. The only place close was a shady looking Chinese place. Our first clue as we walked through the door should have been that the cooks were not Chinese. Not a good sign at a Chinese restaurant. Our second clue should have been the 3, yes THREE other customers during lunch rush. Not a good sign for any restaurant. BUT, my friend, Marjorie and I did not walk out of there like reasonable people. Nope. Instead, we ordered the lunch special. Each ate half, and politely threw the rest away. We are both hoping it won't turn into the scene from "Bridesmaids". Only time will tell!

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