Friday, March 16, 2012

Soggy Britches

Picture omitted for obvious reasons.

You know you aren't starting the day off right if you've got soggy britches. Usually. There's always an exception to EVERY rule, so why not soggy britches? In this case it was a-ok! We were filming a PSA in a stadium and the seats were still damp from the morning dew. It was a fun day. Although it's not fun to sit for 4 hours with a damp backside, in this case the end really justified the means.


  1. Once I had to shoot a scene in a shower. It was a close-up and I couldn't use hot or warm water because the steam might have damaged the camera (so they said). So, cold water; it took us around 40 minutes to film the whole thing, and the month was November.
    Thank Lord I can breathe using my diaphragm. I think that saved me :)

    Keep up the good work!