Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wrong Way

Driving to an audition is stressful even if you know where you are going and have been to that location a hundred times. I hate to scare all of you non-actors out there, but we aren't paying attention to the other cars, or the traffic signals. No. What we're concentrating on are our lines for the scene. How does my hair look? Crap. Can you see those dark circles under my eyes?! Let me just fix that really quick. And, maybe if we have sweat rings under our arms.

My audition this past weekend went exactly like that. I had never been to this location in Raleigh so I was EXTRA nervous. You know, all of the above, plus the added anxiety of whether my GPS would die on me and if I would get terribly lost and be late.  When I drove by and realized I was at the right location, I drove a little further down to find some street parking. Nothing close. After crossing the five way intersection, I make a three point turn and head the other way. Hmmm...why aren't the traffic lights facing this way? How the heck do I get back across there? I look right. I look left. Oh. No. I see a one way arrow pointing the OPPOSITE direction of how I am going. And the light turns green. AND there are cars now coming toward me. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. So I back up and pull into a bank parking lot. Whew...that was close.

I head back over to the audition location. Heading the RIGHT way on the street. I find street parking and walk to the audition. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous about the audition anymore. Nailed it!

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