Monday, January 17, 2011

Technologically Impaired

I've never claimed to be great with electronics, computers or anything remotely "techy". Hey, I'm and actor, I just PRETEND to understand technology. We got a new Kodak ZI8 so that I could record my own auditions and save time! Who were we kidding??? Like I said, got the acting part down, so the recording of the audition was not a problem. It was the TECHNICAL side that was difficult. The file was way too big to email, over 42mb and I couldn't figure out how to compress the file so I could email it. (Just by writing the letters mb, I'm second guessing myself, is that right? You see, it's exhausting!) Please, if anyone knows how to do it, let me know. My sanity is hanging in by a thread!


  1. You can try compressing with WinRAR (free program). That might not get it small enough, though. Another option is to upload the file and have the other party just download it. There are tons of file hosting sites, such as MediaFire...

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Adam! I'll try that!

  3. Dropbox is another good site you could use. Their free version gives you 2GB of storage space...

  4. Tracey,
    Sanity is highly over rated. As soon as you learn how to do the "new" it becomes the "old" and then your doing the "new" all over again! Stick with nutty it never goes out of style, look at Nicholson...