Monday, December 12, 2011

I HATE Clowns

Is there anything scarier, seriously, than clowns?? Really. I hate them. They've got these maniacal smiles. Fake painted faces. And ENORMOUS feet. You add all of that creepy to the haunting dun dun duh duh duh da dun dun duh dah. AAAAHHHHH!  I hate clowns. I hate clowns. I HATE CLOWNS! (I keep looking over my shoulder as I write this just to make sure one didn't sneak in.)  You may wonder why I'm telling my secret, crazy fear. Because I see them everywhere!!! On the street. At church fairs. Driving in the car next to me. Don't worry, other people can see them too. I'm no Haley Joel Osmet who sees clowns.


  1. I guess you've seen the movie "It", based on Stephen King's novel. If you haven't, just don't watch it.
    I think too clowns are creepy.
    There's nothing scarier than something that's supposed - according to the common conventions - to be good, and imagine it as something dangerous and nasty. It becomes twice as scary as someone or something that actually looks scary!

    I am a professional actor based in New York City. I also have a blog on acting. I was looking for followers and I ran into your blog. I think you might be interested in what I write. If that is so, I'd be happy to have you as a follower, leaving comments whenever you would like to share some feedback.

    I love your picture!

    All the best,
    Jay Paoloni

  2. Hey Jay! Yes AND Poltergeist with that creepy mini clown. What really did it for me was living in Italy. We went to the circus and the clowns kept trying to make me laugh but I couldn't understand what they were saying. That scarred me for life!

    Thanks for the follow and I will most definitely check out your blog as well!

    Thanks so much!