Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weak in the Knees

And not in a good way, if there is such a thing. I've had a ton of surgeries and procedures done on myself, so I thought I could handle these things when dealing with other people. Oh, I was so wrong. My grandma had an OUTPATIENT procedure done on her forehead that needed stitches. No big deal. Hmmm. While changing the gauze at 5am, I realized, not only can I not look at it, but I get weak in the knees, light headed even. Beads of sweat pool on my forehead and all of the color drains from my face. I literally start to swoon like I'm wearing a darn corset from "Gone With the Wind". I was in this situation to HELP but actually had to leave the room to compose myself. "Um, Mom. I need to get out of here. I might be sick." I guess that takes nursing off the list...