Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just Serve...It Feels Good!

This past week has been amazing! Some of you know that I've been involved with a service project called "Just Serve", a feel good reality t.v. show geared around volunteering. Two other volunteers and I went into the week not knowing what to expect. Over the course of the week, we worked with veterans to support soldiers currently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Believe me, we were all relieved we didn't have to attempt a training course or  jump out of an airplane. Although, that would have made for some pretty good t.v. I am no G.I. Jane!)  We sent care packages to 23 soldiers with the help of three veterans. They let us know what items meant the most to them while they were deployed. It wasn't surprising to hear that ANYTHING from home was appreciated. And all three said it was like Christmas every time they would receive something. I was paired with a retired Marine who served in Vietnam.  I was struck by his strong emotions he carried over 40 years later. He spoke of the friends he lost and the sadness he felt by the lack of support when he got home.

We wrote letters to the soldiers letting them know that they were thought of and appreciated. That we were praying for them. To come home safe. All of the veterans had talked about how important letters were while they were deployed. Even though I had never met any of these soldiers that I wrote to, I felt like I owed them so much for their sacrifice. We even baked some homemade cookies for them. (A few may have been burnt! BUT it's the thought that counts!) I feel so thankful for everything I have. It was a truly humbling experience.

Not to mention the crew and other volunteers were amazing! We all had so much fun laughing and serving together. We also realized that it doesn't take a HUGE project to make a REAL difference in someone else's life. If you want to get involved go to It doesn't take much to make a difference!

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  1. Tracey,

    Was great to meet you and the other volunteers. Come out to a call to action meeting anytime.