Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Protect Your Man Parts

Kids are tough! Especially 4 year old boys. Not only does he have the Spartan helmet, cape AND sword...he's right within striking distance of my ankles. After the first jab to my thumb, he says..."ok, you can have the shield." I think I'm safe. BUT before I even have the shield in my hands....WHACK...he strikes my shins...really hard. No. It was not a real sword but I swear to you that 4 year old boy is HERCULES. Seriously. Ouch. Then he says, "Alright. I'll get you a weapon." I'm thinking this is going to be a fair fight now. Wrong. I was so wrong. He comes out of his bedroom and gives me...dun duh da dun...a lincoln building log. I can't make this stuff up. So picture this pint sized warrior with a sword and helmet. Then picture me with a dinky little shield AND lincoln log scrunched up to the 2 foot size of the shield...I did not win.

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