Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm really excited to be working on a service project this week called "JUST SERVE". It's an inspirational reality t.v. show based on people helping people. Part of our mission for today was to help a family who's father and husband is deployed in Iraq. We were helping pack their entire house so that she wouldn't have to do it all alone. It was incredible to see all of these veterans coming together to help someone in need! We even got to meet the father over skype in the afternoon. The mother has two small kids, so in addition to packing, a lot of my time was keeping the kids occupied and out of the way. (SO much fun!) Because the experience is being filmed we were all wired for sound to capture as much conversation as possible. As I was holding the little girl, she pulled my shirt down and yelled...BOOBIES! I guess service means different things for everyone and I'm just glad I could contribute! 
Really, it was an honor to help a family who has given so much for this country. For you. For me. We often think of the service men and women abroad and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe, but forget about the families right here at home and the sacrifices they make. Can you imagine spending 18 months away from your spouse, trying to raise two kids and keeping your house together? Not once did I hear that mom complain. Makes me appreciate all that I have even more. Just...thank you. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

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